Social media: Don’t be afraid, be careful

Quote from Dr Bex Lewis in an article for Fresh Expressions, pen by Lazlo Biro, photo of pen by Roberto Fiadone, other stuff by Peter Brassington

Since the web became social it has served to bring different people and their contributions together in ways previously unimaginable, and yet some people are still scared of getting involved in ‘social media’.

When I was at school some teachers didn’t want us to use biro’s (ballpoint pens). They couldn’t be rubbed out like a pencil, they didn’t produces as elegant results as a fountain pen, and sometimes they leaked!

That was in the mid 1970’s some 40 years after Lazlo Biro patented his ball point pen. The biro hasn’t gone away.

Some people are cautious about the use of social media, and with good cause. Careless tweets cost lives, or at least reputations and just like in face to face conversations our words and actions can sometimes be misinterpreted and even deliberately misused. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore social media any more than we should ignore other forms of communication. We do need to use it appropriately and there are plenty of people to help think through how to use social media for many things – including Christian ministry.

Many of the blogs I read on the subject focus on the use of social media in Britain, USA and Canada but social media is global.

In the UK there is a Research Centre for Digital Theology at the CODEC---Blue---250University of Durham where it’s possible to take an MA in Digital Theology, or just read about a lot of the work and research that is being done.


For those already working in cross cultural missions (or thinking about it)  Social Media for Missions , published by the Mobile Ministry Forum, helps introduce social media at an accessible level.


What sites, resources and tips have helped you in digital engagement and social media ministry?

What tools are you looking for?

Share you tips and questions at our facebook page Digital Engagement : Discipleship and Development.

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