Social Media Ministry Made Easy?


The title of the free 84 page guide put out by Mobile Ministry Forum doesn’t include a question mark but the guide does provide lots of questions as well as the beginnings of some answers.

It is aimed primarily at cross cultural mission workers, but has some useful information and pointers for anyone involved in social media and Christian ministry.

Chapters include:

1- Helping Others Find, Friend, and Follow Jesus
2- Developing Your Strategy
3- General Social Media How-To’s
4- Using Facebook & Twitter as a Social Media Primer
5- Instant Messaging/Chat Apps
6- Visual Media-Based Channels
7- Live Video Channels
8- Social Gaming & Gamification
9- Advertise to Boost Reach and Engagement
10- Social Media Security

If you like (or don’t like) what it says on a topic you can provide some feedback and suggestions. (This is billed as the beta version so they really do want to know how to improve)

If you’d like to translate it or  think you can do some bits better, you can. Content is shared under a creative commons license that gives you permission to take and adapt some or all of it (providing you give credit and share your material under the same license)

Download the guide and provide feedback at and don’t forget to tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, WeChat, or Clash of Clans!


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