Can you do this better?

My colleague had spent weeks working on a really great idea. I can’t remember what it was but that’s not the point.

I think it was a script for radio program, but I might not be remembering it right. But the main thing is this … she’d worked hard, and she was ready to show it to the people she was working with. She might even have thought it was good.

And so she showed them.

And she waited.

And it was quiet for a while.

What did they think?

Maybe it wasn’t quite right.

Maybe she need to do more work and show it them again.

And then someone spoke up.

“Ahhh”, he said

“I see what you are trying to do!”

“I think we can do it better.”

And they did.

Was it better?

I don’t know. It was different. They’d worked hard. And it was theirs.

And that is a story of success, not quite how she planned, but in a way that God could use.

She’d just inspired a story teller. Perhaps not as experienced in some elements of writing and design as she was but more experienced in the spoken and visual language of his own culture she was.

Can you inspire a story teller? or a cartoonist? or an animator? or a blogger? or a games designer? or an evangelist?


I didn’t have a photo to go with this post so I drew a picture, took a photo of it and compressed it down to a really compact size.

Sometimes a simple idea will work but as you can see. I’m not really a cartoonist…

Can you do this better?


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