What’s your top tweet, and why?

Twitter has it’s own way of calculating your top tweet but you might have a different idea. Is it about having the most views, the most likes, and shares? Is it always about saying something you think is important, or is trivial okay sometimes too?

If you have a twitter account you can see lots of information on your own posts at https://analytics.twitter.com and decide what criteria you would use for you top tweets.

There are also a couple of sites such as http://followfly.co/ that count numbers on activity other people’s feeds.

Here are a few near the top for either the last month or the last year on a few prominent twitter accounts:

I don’t follow Donald  J. Trump but apparently he is quite poplar when he’s not talking about politics or refugees…

And that the Archbishop of Canterbury is popular when he does…

But not as popular as Pope Francis, who also talks about refugees

twitter_digital2031Far less popular than the three accounts above is the brand new Twitter account that links with this website.

But for now I’ll finish with another tweet from Pope Francis

Depending on the purpose of your account, Twitter analytics may occasionally be useful. You can discover how whether what you say is being seen, and whether it is popular enough for those that see it to engage, but sometimes the best tweet is the reply to a friend not a broadcast to thousands, and nearly always, what you do when you are not tweeting says more than twitter can contain.

If you have a twitter account I really do want to know about your top tweets relating to mission and discipleship, and how you evaluate ‘success’. So share your thoughts in the comments or tweet @digital20131


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