Creative Commons: Making things available, and easy to share

Just because you find something on the web doesn’t mean you have the rights to copy and share it (especially if you want to share it offline or use it within your own work). Which is why a simple slide at the end of a video that says “Please feel free to share with your friends” is actually really helpful.


If you don’t already know about Creative Commons licenses you can find out more at

This particular slide was at the end of a video by who have produced a lot of good videos in a lot of languages. They even state clearly “To translate this video into a new language or for permission to go beyond the scope of this license contact…” and then they give their email address.

Simple huh? And yet so often on the web you come across great content either as text, audio, video, or graphics and photos and you don’t know who created it.

Take a look at the content on the youtube channel and see what you can find worth sharing. They currently have videos in over 40 languages from Afrikaans and Albanian, to Urdu and Vietnamese.


(This blog post was written by Peter Brassington for , and yes you can repost it, translate it, or print it out and stick it on you fridge. I asked nicely before using the screen grab from the explainED video)

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