More visits from Facebook than Google?

There is a lot to think about in a blog post a friend just shared about reaching under 40s in the UK (it used to be the under 25s we were trying to reach but they got older).

One of many things that stood out for me was about the importance of websites and social media.

“Many young people won’t go somewhere without checking that place’s web presence and reading reviews. Our church websites need to be clear, up to date, and welcoming. And we need to be on Facebook because this is now the number 1 source that is driving people to web sites, having this year overtaken the use of Google searches.”

I came across the post via my facebook feed but I don’t like to just quote bold statements without a bit of evidence so I googled and found a 2015 headline “Facebook has taken over from Google as a traffic source for news” ( see  ). Not conclusive proof that facebook has become the main way people hear about all websites but a reminder to be aware that it could be an important part of your strategy. You want your target audience to find what you post and (in the places where sharing Christian content isn’t dangerous) you want them to share it with their friends.

If you run a website and have access to (or can ask about) the statistics take a look. facebook_v_google

Most of what I post on Digital 2031 gets more views at the moment from Facebook than Google but on another site I’ve still had much more traffic from search engines.  Do more people find your site from facebook than Google and if so does it make any difference in how you prepare your pages?

Share your answers, and feel free to mention your sites if they relate to Christian ministry.

I’ll post in more detail soon on optimizing your site for Facebook and Google. Meanwhile there are a few other posts on “Promotion” that you might like to read (and share).


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