Introducing some Digital Engagement Tools and Websites

DE Tools Poster for Website

Dear friends,

This blog is intended to look at existing and anticipated opportunities for the use of digital technologies in helping people connect with God through scripture and a wider Christian community and how people in a community are using and engaging in newer technologies and exploring how that fits with goals of Scripture Engagement and language development. Through this blog post, I would like to introduce some popular Digital Engagement websites and tools. This is not a comprehensive listing, but some of the tools and websites which I have used and my friends have suggested. If you find some of the tools which you are using is missing in the list, please write to us and we will include that here.

See the Introductory Presentation below. 


The complete listing (with link to those tools/websites) are given below.

  1. Scripture App Builder
  2. Digital Bible Library
  3. inScript
  4. Find a Bible
  5. Digital Bible Platform (API)
  6. BrowserBible
  7. unfoldingWord
  8. Open Bible Stories
  9. translationStudio
  10. Haiola
  13. (Youversion)
  14. Bible App for Kids
  15. Superbook Kids Bible App
  16. Global Recordings Network (5fish app)
  17. Faith Comes by Hearing
  18. HearThis
  19. Virtual Recording
  20. Render
  21. translationRecorder
  22. Glyssen
  23. Indigitous
  26. Cybermissions
  27. Mobile Ministry Forum
  29. Mobile Ministry Magazine
  30. Capillary App
  31. Estante
  32. Glo Bible
  33. BibleBox
  34. Lightstream (Renew Outreach)
  35. AudiBible
  36. Mega Voice
  37. Omega Bible
  38. Kulumi
  39. Audio Players
  40. Scripture Forge
  41. Bloom
  42. Pathway
  43. WeSay
  44. LingoPolo

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