Ten simple tips for digital engagement

Whether it’s knowing what size to make your graphics or how to find groups people who might like what you are doing there are lots of simple things you can do to help people engage with you and your content …and to help ensure you are engaging with them.Well done you you found the mystery link!

Here’s a short list which you could help to make longer.

1)  Be interesting
…which means know your audience and know what they are interested in. I had a reason behind this blog and assume the regular followers share my enthusiasm for using all things digital to help people know and follow Jesus. That said I need to provide you with content that helps you to do that.


2) Be fun (where possible)
This is a serious blog but lots of stuff that gets shared on the web is fun. People like fun. God invented joy and laughter.

3) Use pictures

4) Use the right sized pictures
When sharing things on social media you don’t want facebook or twitter cropping your image unhelpfully. Jamie at http://makeawebsitehub.com/social-media-image-sizes-cheat-sheet is one of the people keeping track of the image dimensions for different social media sites. (updated Aug 2018)
There is a whole post on reducing files sizes to increase distribution compresspictures

5) Be helpful
How are we doing with that so far in this post?

6) Encourage people to share your posts on social media…
Did you know that Facebook aims to be helpful by showing you things its algorithms calculate you will be interested in. You help it by ‘liking’ or sharing things you like. (If you like this share it, feedback and comments are welcome to) mostrecent

7) Share other people’s material
Hey did you know there are some great ideas at http://mobileministryforum.org .

I also saw a cool Instagram post which I tweeted a while ago to show up in the feed on my blog of a cartoon by John Atkinson of http://wronghands1.wordpress.com . He shares his posts with a creative commons licence that makes it clear how you can use them

8) Remember who you are writing for
I’ve been reminded (by one of my readers) that knowing who your intended audience is should be at number 1, along with knowing why you want to engage with them. But it’s no good just writing that down somewhere and then forgetting the plan. This blog has been written for a global audience of mission minded Christian’s (too broad an audience profile), but I recognise that I write from a Brinew-languages-animationtish perspective (Which is why colleagues in the USA sometimes think I spell things wrong), and I don’t always think about how well Google might translate what I write or how easily it will be understood by those for whom English is a second, third or fifth language. Sorry!

9) Be open handed
In other words give material away when possible. I am delighted when people reblog what I write or take it and adapt it for wider use. (it’s always nice if you link back and say where material came from). If you blog in another language you can probably do a better job the Google in translating or retelling key points for your audience.

9) Invite feedback
What would be in your top ten list of tips (Your ideas might be credited or linked to in my next list).

10) Proofredd thorougly
OK so you can go back and correct some mistakes, but it’s rarely fun to spot a glaring mistake after it’s gone live.

11) Know when to stop

12) Go back again later and review
It’s two years since I first wrote this blog post. If it’s still relevant I can review it and share it again. I just spotted that a couple of links are no longer live so have edited them.


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