Instagram and the Church

instagram2In February Instagram’s CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom met with Pope Francis at the Vatican to discuss the power of images.

Here’s a photo from Kevin’s account showing just that.

You can also read more on that meeting at


I’m new to Instagram and just exploring its potential for good (and its risks). I’ve read the Instagram wikipedia entry that charts its history, its acquisition by Facebook (they do own a lot of the social media world), and some of the controversies around it.

As with any social media platform it is being used to share a lot of content you wouldn’t want your teenagers or your pastor to be viewing. But it also has the potential for sharing powerful images that can indeed inspire and as Kevin says “unite people across different cultures and languages”

You don’t have to sign up to instagram to explore what others are sharing.

Here are a few accounts I’ve taken a look at recently

Some sites share text eg a Bible verse, others use the power of pictures themselves and there is always room for a caption to go with the image.

Embedding an individual image from Instagram on your blog is really easy. In wordpress you simply cut and paste the url into the page (See for a few more details of what else you can do).
Other sites support the embed code available next to the comment section on an image.

Instagram is a phone app so you can’t directly upload images from a laptop unless you use third party software or an android emulator such as Bluestacks to run Android apps on your  laptop. (it’s a big download and didn’t work on my first attempt)

A simpler option is to save your images to cloud storage such as Google drive or Dropbox, email or bluetooth them to your phone or create them on your phone or tablet in the first place.

You are welcome to follow but you might not see much. I’m still learning and will spend time watching and learning how others (perhaps you?) are using Instagram before I dive in too much in sharing my own content. I look forward to hearing any of your tips and ideas of what can and could be done.

Stay tuned and don’t forget that any technology that is being used by people you want to connect with can be used by God and his church.


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