The Bible Project – animations presenting the big picture

The Bible Project is a great partnership of theologians and creative illustrators aiming to provide a comprehensive overview of the Bible in brief 5 minute videos. Their aim is to make the videos and other resources including posters and study guides available for free.

Alongside good content in a carefully crafted script the team recognize the importance of good design and using the right visual language to attract and engage the audience.

Check out their website at and also find them on facebook and then think not only how you can make great use of their materials but think what you can learn from their presentation and approach.

a few sample images from The Bible

2016 has also seen the release of with a new app for engaging with the Bible using these resources. The materials are worth promoting and the team are working on systems and protocols to make it easier to make the resources available in other languages. With a lot of text in the videos this is more than a simple matter of translating the audio or subtitles. Experts in Bible translation and ethnoarts are also recognising that video and pictures don’t always cross cultures as well as people often hope, and so encourage anyone translating resources to really test what the images communicate to people, and not just check the text.

The appeal of the Bible Project and of similar animation techniques may be an encouragement for others to work on similar projects, taking into account local art styles and exploring how to adjust both the content and the pace for different communities. Popular video series RSA Animate prompted one US teacher to explore getting his class to produce their own videos. Take a look at his post on How to make RSA Animate styles with your class and consider whether it is something you could do with a group you work with.





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