1 Billion connect to Facebook – good news or old news

“Facebook has a billion users in a single day, says Mark Zuckerberg”

On Aug 28th, 2015 that headline was world news according to the BBC. Over the next weeks it just became the new normal.

It’s worth noting that this was not just how many people have an account but how many people actually connected. Apparently there are over 1.5 billion facebook accounts accessed at least once a month and that keeps growing. If facebook was a religion then it would already be the third highest in terms those who have ‘signed up’ and possibly the highest in terms of those who really engage daily. (see Wikipedia for some numbers, but don’t forget to check the references before trusting them).

New religion?

Engagement however is not just about numbers but about depth and commitment. Its not even about how many connect daily at a superficial level.

Few people are willing to lay down their lives for the gospel of Facebook. The founder probably isn’t the Mark referred to in revelation and might actually be a nice guy …but he wouldn’t die for you. He’s helped connect people (at some cost of your privacy) but he didn’t create the world and he can’t save it.

if you consider yourself a Christian do you access your faithbook as much as your facebook? Do you pray for others as much as you like their posts?)

With over half of the online world using facebook, it’s a tool that Christians should consider using. But consider means that you need to think about it not just dive in blindly. The information you share about yourself and your friends is never as secure as you might wish. When I first wrote guidelines for our organisation I advised people to post anything that they would be happy to put on the wall of a church, immigration office, or prison.

You probably found this blog post through a facebook link. If you found the few minutes reading it worthwhile hit the share button.

And if you haven’t connected with God today here’s a link to 1115 versions of the Bible in 799 languages https://www.youversion.com/

Find something to like, and share it!

Facebook 1.5B Christianity 2.2B
There is a difference between how many ‘sign up’ and how many engage

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