Engagement loops #4 of 4 – Time for something new

EngagementLoops4of4After a couple of posts about attracting people to your site we’ve been looking at how to get people back to come back again, but visits to this website have really gone down in the last two weeks.


Simple, I haven’t added anything new. I haven’t promoted anywhere new and not many people have talked about it on social media.

The idea of engagement loops is that your visitor  will be motivated into doing something, and that doing something should result in some kind of feedback that motivates them to doing something again. It’s a model from the world of gamification (a world we’ll explore further in terms of it’s potential for social good). If you play any games on your phone or have any other kind of apps you’ll know that there are regular updates, fixing bugs, adding extra functions, adding extra fun. Sometimes these little changes are just enough to reengage your interest and get you using the app again.

Whether you are promoting a website, facebook page or app your real goal probably isn’t just to get people back to your site. If you are part of the target audience for this site it isn’t even to make money (though you might still need to pay a few bills here and there). The goal of this site and of many of it’s visitors is to see people grow in Christ – to know and follow Him.

The goal is to so much to see new technology used to it’s full potential as to see people around the globe living to their full potential. When an approach is working, keep using it, but keep looking for new possibilities.

It’s been quiet here for a couple of weeks but a few new things are on the way. Five posts are at various stages of development in the drafts folder. (those with links are now live)

Use the comments or respond on Facebook. What would you like to hear about? (other suggestions also welcome)

Meanwhile, here’s a great blog about why not to get involved in social media (unless you are able to take it seriously)



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