Why do I want people to come back to my website? – Engagement loops #1 of 4

EngagementLoops1of4Before you think about how to get people to come back to your website it is important to stop and think why you want them to come back.

This blog has material that may be of interest to anyone providing any kind of digital content that they want to be seen and shared more widely (post #2 in this series has for 12 ideas for getting return visitors).

The reason the blog exists is to help people share Christian content especially in languages where there are few materials and few people who know about what is available. You don’t have to be a Christan to find the tips and ideas helpful but at the start of this post I thought it was a good idea to repeat why this site exists:

Portions of the Bible are available in over 3000 languages. New digital resources are being made available every day, but just because great content is available on the web doesn’t mean that people engage with them.

This site is about some of the great resources out there, and about some of the simple things that can be done to help people encounter and engage with Jesus through digital products and strategies.

So far this blog has been viewed in 28 countries. From 8 of those it has only been viewed once. Does that matter?

If you only have one reason for them to visit then one visit might be enough.

If a visitor discovers your site isn’t what they were looking for and they aren’t who you were trying to reach you don’t need them to come back again.

It may seem obvious, but the people you want to engage with regularly are the people your content is aimed at. You may have a number of reasons for wanting those people to return. These might include.

  • You have more that you want to give or sell to them.
  • You have more that you want them to think about or discuss.
  • You want them to tell their friends about your site
  • You want them to be part of a web community sharing there own ideas

The second post in this series is already online. .

(You’ll have to google or  wait for the third for me to explain the term ‘Engagement loops’) but before you read ideas on how to get return visitors stop for a moment and write down your reasons for wanting people to return to your site.

Click here for part 2


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