How to advertise websites (with and without the internet) #2

The first post in this series introduced 20 simple ideas for promoting a website. One further important key is to look at how other things are advertised and distributed within the local culture, and if you have an idea that you haven’t seen tried before be careful to think about whether that’s because no one has though of that method, or whether it’s just a bad idea.

To be seen online, sometimes it helps to be seen offline (adapted from a free photo from pixabay)

Some ideas will also be perfectly normal to some people in a culture but not acceptable to others.

Here’s some things that may or may not work where you are:

  • Painted roadside sign (advertise on real walls not just virtual ones)
  • Printed banner
  • Static version of site on CD/DVD given (sold?) by the guy who sells the pirate software
  • Phone wallpaper with web address and site logo
  • Easily bluetoothed flyer
  • SMS campaigns – text this number.
  • Reciprocal links – thanks for sponsors
  • Public – Launch event (site launches in Beta for checking by an invited few and is then taken down for a week before an official launch)
  • Celebration of 100th, 1000th visitor / download – any notable milestone is a press opportunity or a ‘facebookable’ moment.
  • Share buttons for social media
  • Maintain the site (replace slow loading graphics, correct any errors or broken links, remove out of date news or announcements).
  • Identify what seems to works well in promoting your site and keep doing it.
  • Promote individual items on the site and tell people where to find them. (Eg a new Bible app, or online dictionary available at … ) 
  • Create challenges and competitions for fun or prizes.

Coming soon… a post about how to get people to come back using “engagement loops

Challenge: Reblog this in your country (and language) with a suitable replacement for the London bus and some extra suggestions.

The text and picture from this page may be reused under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial 4.0 license –  this means you may quote it, translate it into other languages, and adapt it as appropriate providing that you link back to the original post and are not claiming my work as your own or earning money from it.


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