How to advertise websites (with and without the internet) #1

You don’t just want people to find your website, you want them to find things that they value on your website. You want them to use the resources you provide and to tell others about them. Good content that is easy to find on the site and easy access is important. You can do a few things to improve your sites presence on search engines and can of course pay for advertising (more on these soon). News of your site will also spread from person to person. The following ideas can help your site reach more, people more quickly. Some will be more appropriate in some communities than others. As you read the list think for yourself: Would that work here? What might work better among our people?

simple cards promoting some great sites
This simple card given out at a kids club promoted Bible apps from a couple of agencies and one site from which to find them.

Twenty simple ideas for promoting digital content

This list came from thinking about how to promote scripture and cultural websites for minority language communities. Some ideas will apply to any site but this is not a list of answers, but a starting point for thinking of simple and effective ways to reach the target audience for you site.

  1. Involve several people in providing content and ideas (gets extra content and ideas and helps others feel ownership)
  2. Tell people and show them the site
  3. Ask face to face (and via email/social media) for feedback
  4. Use a limited preview or beta test before launch or major changes and ask key contacts to feedback via email.
  5. Encourage friends to show the site to others
  6. Good use of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation – ensuring the site is set up in a way that people find it when they search)
  7. List on appropriate global sites (eg for scriptures Joshuaproject, worldbibles, etc)
  8. Add to the Wikipedia page about the language or culture if this is appropriate
  9. Managed Google and facebook advertising campaigns.
  10. Graphic and link for sharing on FB, Twitter, and anything social.
  11. Videos or clips on Youtube, along with link to site
  12. Business cards and posters with the address on.
  13. An article in the local newspaper, radio, TV
  14. Letters / visits to church leaders
  15. Promotion through other people’s social media channels.
  16. Website given on SD card to local phone shops
  17. Posters with pull off strips.
  18. Web address included on downloadable resources.
  19. T-shirts, baseball caps, button badges, appropriate equivalents
  20. Book marks, biros, Printed paper bags, 1000 stickers at the market (price up merchandise and set a simple budget)

Which of these ideas have you used? Which would you like to see covered in greater depth.See more ideas is part two and please comment with your own experience and ideas so we can add part 3.


2 thoughts on “How to advertise websites (with and without the internet) #1

  1. We have used a handout card that looks like a mini Samsung smartphone that has links printed on the screen. These have been very effective in bringing people to the sites listed on them. The main purpose was to show people the results of a survey they were taking, but the other links took them to Scripture websites that offer Scripture and Scripture-based materials in minority languages. In one case, saw a huge surge in visitors from that particular country the month the cards were handed out.


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