Coming soon… a series of posts about digital engagement

Digital Engagement

In 2015 I had the privilege of leading a couple of days training on the subject of “Digital Engagement” with a focus on Christian discipleship and upon aspects of language development (some times referred to as language planning)

Session 1 included looking at what I meant by Digital Engagement. Here are some options.

What does Digital Engagement mean?

#1: Not only using facebook to announce to all your friends that you plan to marry, but using facebook to ask someone to marry you, because although you’ve been friends for years you’ve never actually met.

#2: Like Scripture Engagement but focusing specifically on Bible websites, audio and video files and the use of phone apps as a supplement or replacement for printed scripture.

#3 A term coined during the Reagan administration for when he wanted to push the red button.

None of these quite cover it. You can read on or take a moment to consider what you think the term might mean in this context?

If you are still reading you are engaged with this content.

If you stopped to think about your own definition you are engaging more deeply.

So here was my working definition…

#4: Looking more widely at how people in a community are using and engaging in newer technologies and exploring how that fits with goals of Scripture Engagement and Language Development.

This is more than can we put our materials in digital form on web or SD cards. It looks at existing and anticipated opportunities for the use of digital technologies in helping people connect with God through scripture and a wider Christian community.

The powerpoints and handouts were shared with the participants, and I remembered to attach contact details and dates, but didn’t go as far as putting a creative commons label on everything as I wanted to fine tune a few things first.

Here’s a plan for the workshop.

A plan for a two day Digital Engagement workshopI planned to add at least one new post a week, but plans can be revised. It went quiet for a while but more is planned again for the second half of 2018.

Please subscribe, bookmark or visit this blog again for more on the topics above and lots more about making use of technology in world mission.

I also created a facebook group Digital Engagement for Discipleship and Development where you can join discussion and post your own (on topic) questions, suggestions, and comments.


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